Chongqing International Institute for Immunology is located in Chongqing International Biological City, with a total construction area of 40,000 square meters. It is a new system and new business research institute established by the Chongqing Municipal Government. Aiming at the international frontiers and hot spots, the Institute gathers high-end innovative resources such as intelligence, technology, results, and capital, and is committed to building a high-level research platform that integrates original research on theory and technology, application research on innovative technologies, and research and development of innovative immune biological products, including advanced Immune cell and molecule decoding platform, "2+4+X" R&D innovation platform ("2" refers to vaccines and antibodies; "4" refers to peptide drugs, immune cell therapy, immunodiagnosis, ARO services; "X" refers to immune big data And artificial intelligence center, pilot production center, laboratory animal center, cell decoding center, biological sample library, large-scale equipment center, etc.). The Institute will advance the international first phase III clinical trials ...

Research Institute Leadership
On June 30, the construction of Chongqing International Institute of immunology was officially launched. Based in Chongqing International Biological City, the Institute will focus on the forefront of biotechnology, gather domestic top scientific research teams, build domestic top R & D innovation platform, promote China's immunology research to the international first-class level, and promote related industries and academic research to catch up with and surpass the international advanced level.