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The First Phase of Instrument And Equipment Theory Training Meeting in 2021

Release time: 2021-07-02

From January 19th to 20th, 2021, the "Chongqing International Institute for Immunology Instrument and Equipment Technical Training Conference" was held in Chongqing. In order to give full play to the resource advantages of the newly-purchased international advanced experimental instruments by the research institute, stimulate the creative thinking of scientific researchers, and enhance the practical operation ability of scientific researchers, 5 senior engineers are specially invited to give lectures, including the leaders of the research institute, members of various research groups and graduate students. More than one person attended, and the meeting was presided over by Executive Dean Zhao Tingting.

The meeting invited the chief scientist to give an opening speech. He also pointed out that scientific research is the foundation of the academy, and instruments and equipment are the basic conditions for scientific research and technological innovation. The acquisition of major scientific and technological achievements and the opening up of new areas of scientific research are usually guided by breakthroughs in testing instruments and technical methods. Through in-depth study of the cutting-edge technical theories of instruments and equipment, mastering the technology of fine-end instruments and equipment, and accelerating original science and cutting-edge technology Research, from scientific research to the industrialization of biomedicine.

The first batch of instrument and equipment theory training curriculum

(The first phase of 2021)

The engineers introduced in detail the key content of the instrument and equipment principle, technical analysis, application introduction, etc. The trainees actively asked questions about the research needs, research ideas, and research methods. The engineers combined the instrument and equipment experimental data and their own practical experience to answer one by one, and in-depth Discuss how to better label samples and use system software to analyze data during the research process. The training effect was remarkable. The participants actively interacted with each other and the atmosphere was enthusiastic. They all expressed that the content is practical, the lectures are wonderful, and the effect is good. They will use the learned theories to guide practice, promote new ideas and new directions for scientific research topics, and will also be active Participate in the follow-up training on the actual operation of equipment and equipment.