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Cell Decoding
Brief introduction :

The cell decoding platform mainly consists of two parts: the flow cytometry instrument center and the cell function center. The flow cytometer center has 1 international top mass spectrometry flow cytometer (Hyperion, fluidigm), and 6 international mainstream BD flow cytometry analysis and sorting instruments. The total value of the equipment is about 26 million yuan. Among them, mass spectrometry flow cytometry, as a new generation of multi-parameter flow cytometry, uses non-radioactive heavy metal isotopes as antibody labels, and uses mass spectrometry to quantitatively analyze labeled cells, which can simultaneously detect hundreds of parameters of a single cell. The 6 flow cytometers (BD) are equipped with 5-color lasers, which can detect 18 kinds of fluorescence signals on samples, and have automatic sample loading and channel compensation adjustment functions, which can perform batch detection and analysis of clinical and experimental samples. Two of the FACS Aria Fusion (BD) cell sorters are equipped with automatic droplet breakpoint monitoring and blockage monitoring systems, which can sort the target cells of the sample at high speed and accurately. The cell function center has a long-term cell dynamic analyzer, a fluorescent cell analyzer, a multi-/full-function microplate reader, a multi-color fluorescence imaging system, a chemiluminescence imaging system, an automatic density gradient preparation and separation system, a biological safety cabinet and cell culture The cell activity analysis and protein function detection equipment in the box is worth about 4.9 million yuan. Among them, the long-term cell dynamic analyzer of Sartorius company can realize the long-term (up to four months) dynamic culture, imaging and functional analysis of cells. At the same time, it is compatible with various standard cell culture plates/dishes/bottles/slides to meet the culture requirements of various cells.

Instrument and equipment :
Construct a mass spectrometry antibody library against human and mouse immune cells, and use mass spectrometry to complete the efficient analysis of human and mouse samples; establish a complete flow cytometry analysis and sorting platform, which is the Chongqing International Institute of Immunology and Chongqing The city’s scientific research experts provide services related to flow cytometry; improve various cell function and protein activity detection methods to realize the analysis of immune cell functions at the molecular level.
Development direction :

(1) Explore the fine grouping of cell populations in organs, and analyze the functional changes of immune cells under pathological conditions.

(2) Trace the development and differentiation lineage of immune cells and analyze the role of genes in the development, maturation and aging of immune organs.

(3) Reveal the interaction between immune cells and tumor cells in the tumor microenvironment, and screen potential drug targets.

Research tasks :